I’ve produced and reported in the field on poverty and justice issues for numerous charities, international aid and relief agencies, think tanks and academic organisations. From tax justice in Zambia’s copper belt, earthquake relief in Pakistan, child labour in Cote D’Ivoire to nutrition education in Mozambique, I’ve made over 60 films in 40 countries as producer, director and reporter.

I developed and produced the pilot episodes of the Al Jazeera current affairs programme “People and Power”. The role involved recruiting talent and directing field reports in Azerbaijan and India, as well as shaping the look and agenda of the series. It launched November 15th, 2006

Covering international development, issues around the Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals and social justice in the global south has been a central aspect of my work as a journalist and film maker. In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme I Series Produced “The Business of Development” a six part series on pro-poor business initiatives, broadcast on CNBC Europe. I also reported for it from 11 developing countries worldwide.

In January 2003, I led a team of reporters to Baghdad supporting an Iraqi anti-war group campaigning to stop the allied invasion. Profiling the ordinary lives of Iraqi people in Baghdad, and working with local crews, we tried to build the capacity of a new TV channel, Arab TV.

As a research fellow of the Commonwealth Relations Trust, I spent four months travelling central and northern Nigeria studying the roots of communal violence and Christian/Muslim religious politics. Interviewing over 80 people at length, I reported for The Guardian and BBC World Service. I developed a detailed understanding of the history of Nigeria’s languages, ethnicities and religions and the roots of today’s Boko Haram movement.